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We are a youth - led organization striving to acknowledge the flaws within the South Asian community. As the upcoming generation, we must change our mindsets and let go of any traditions, customs, and stereotypes that don’t allow us to create equality within our communities. As society continuously grows, we hope LVOSA serves as a platform for individuals to educate themselves about societal issues in our community and inspire others to help take action that can benefit our future and our posterity.

Lost Voices of South Asia is a non-profit, youth-led organization based out of the DC area. LVOSA strives to increase awareness of societal issues within the South Asian community. LVOSA aims to unite the South Asian community, by providing a platform to take action against social injustices within our communities, share stories of South Asian individuals, and celebrate the success South Asians have contributed to in our society.


Maryam Khan

Executive Director

Meet our Executive Director, Maryam Khan. She is 17 years old, based in the Washington D.C area, and is a senior in high school. She is involved in many extra-curricular school activities, some of which include: MSA, MUN, Leo Club, the Varsity Tennis Team, and has even started her own club, The Social Awareness Club. "I started this initiative, as a way to mobilize youth all across the county." She is an activist who would like to make a profound impact. She hopes by providing a platform for people that do not have a voice. By increasing civic engagement, she is fulfilling her responsibility to give back. She serves on the board of multiple youth-led organizations, some of which include, Climate Strike VA and The Tomorrow Project. She also has been serving as an advocate for the ethnically persecuted minorities, including Kashmris, the Uighurs, and the Rohingya, through my work with Justice for All. She also has served her own community by advocating for domestically abused women in NOVA area. She hopes to use her platform and privilege to voice concerns of the silenced people of South Asia.

Sameen Hanan

Director of Operations

Sameen Hanan is 17 years old from Virginia and is a senior in high school. She is involved in many extracurricular activities at her school such as FBLA, MUN, MSA, and including her own club, Humanity First. In the future, she would like to pursue a degree in business administration. During her free time, she likes to spend her time making art, doing makeup, and embracing the Pakistani culture. She is passionate about giving a voice to Pakistani minorities and spreading awareness on social issues through this amazing platform. We are looking forward to having such a great leader part of our board.

Umaimah Khan

Director of Development

Meet our Director of Development, Umaimah Khan. She is currently a Sophomore located in Seattle, WA. She is an advocate for climate reform nationwide. She believes in implementing sustainability in everyday life. She plays Volleyball, and in her free time enjoys reading. She has been recognized regionally and statewide for her research projects for multiple years in a row. “I helped develop the idea of sharing stories of people who have been silenced, because it is has always intrigued me." The stories of overcoming struggle have always inspired her, and she would love to the share stories of others. She also hopes to use her privilege and time to dedicate to those less privileged than herself.


Clifford Robin Temprosa

Senior Consultant

Clifford Robin Temprosa is our Senior Consultant. He is 19 years old, and is Filipino and Chinese. He is a rising senior at New York Tech, majoring in International Business with a minor in Civic Engagement, and International Development with a minor in Asian Studies. His background includes experience within politics and the business industry, which includes sectors such as Fashion, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Marketing, Nonprofit Management, Business and Campaign Development, Field Operations, Community and Foreign Relations, etc. He is currently the Executive Director of Books For A Cause International, a nonprofit that empowers underprivileged youth throughout the world through Literacy, Education, Development, and Cultural Awareness. He is also Director of Operations and Development for my Fraternity, Delta Epsilon Psi, Alpha Theta Chapter. He also does campaign and marketing work for elected officials in my area. He wants to be an individual that changes the status quo, and empowers others to do the same. "Our generation has such a unique platform through social media to make a difference, but the question we must ask ourselves is what’s next? What are the steps we take after liking, posting, and sharing? How are we tearing down walls within communities and building bridges? How we are 'Striving For Humanity?'" He currently consults for other nonprofits to expand and improve their operations, build a better presence, and advise on proactive and progressive paths for business and service success.


Mehreen Syed

Social Media Director

Meet Mehreen Syed, our Social Media Director. She is a rising junior in high school and the Social Media Director of the Lost Voices of South Asia. She wanted to be a part of this because although she loves her culture, she has recognized several issues within the South Asian community that she thought needed to be addressed. Besides being a part of the Lost Voices of South Asia, she has been very involved in her community. She is the founder and co-chair of the Springfield Chapter of the High School Democrats of America, and she started a club within my school, Action 4 Hunger, in which they address food insecurity. This summer, she has been interning for two organizations, The Conversationalist, and Youth Asian Americans for Biden. She is also the Treasurer of our school’s Student Ambassador Program, the Class Fundraising Committee Chair, a member of SGA, the NAACP Youth Council, Key Club and a VA HOBY Alumna. In the future, she is hoping to major in Political Science and better educate herself, helping those around her to the best of her ability.

Rimsha Qadir

Graphic Design Director

Meet our Graphic Designer Director, Rimsha Qadir. She is 17 years old from Maryland and is a senior in high school. She is in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and takes part in many extra-curricular activities including Spanish Honor Society, Rho Kappa, Key Club, and Varsity Tennis. She intends to earn a degree in computer science and combine her technical skills with her passion for spreading awareness on human rights violations that exist across the world. “There are millions of people in the world who suffer various issues like war, terrorism, poverty, and racism. With my skills in the graphic design field, I want to help in any way I can and share stories of those in need.”


Mahak Qazi

Outreach Team Director

Mahak Qazi is the outreach team director for LVOSA. She is 17 years old and currently attending Northern Virginia Community College. She loves being the outreach team director as she has the opportunity to meet extremely talented people in the South Asian community. She also loves being a part of the outreach team because she gets to help people share their unique and beautiful stories. 


Sahar Asghar

Finance Director

Sahar is a 17 year-old senior in high school from Virginia. She is involved in HOSA, DECA, YAC, various honor societies. She also plays soccer and hopes to get degrees in sports medicine and business. She wants to be an orthopedic sports surgeon and help save lives one person at a time. She is passionate about helping others in any way she can and raise awareness for social injustice issues present in our world today.


Keerat Singh

Logistics Director

Keerat Singh is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering in the US. She enjoys hiking, listening to music, and making new things. She credits her interest in advocacy to her high school U.S. history teacher, who made opportunities to include history that represented the communities in the classroom even if it was not prioritized by the official curriculum. 

Sidra Hussain 

Creative Director

Sidra Hussain is our Creative Director. She is a British Pakistani Artist based in the UK and is a graduate of University of the Arts London. She is currently pursuing her MA in Applied Imagination in the creative industry. She is passionate about how she can explore her identity through art and working with fellow creative females.

Mohammad Samrez 

Creative Director

Mohammad Samrez Behroze is a 17 year old student and  STEM enthusiast from Islamabad-Rawalpindi , Pakistan. He has a particular passion for social justice advocacy and is enthusiastic about inspiring social reform in his locale. Samrez writes on science, society and Sci Fi on his blog

Rina Madhani

Director of Community Outreach

Rina started her career in education at Reading Partners where she witnessed the impact of community volunteers implementing an in-house curriculum to equip students with critical reading skills. After Reading Partners, Rina transitioned into teaching when she became a member of Blue Engine’s Teaching Corps and taught 10th grade English at a public high school in the South Bronx. Upon Blue Engine, she transitioned into elementary education where she taught for several years. She is currently the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Start Lighthouse, an organization committed to promoting lifelong literacy for students and families in the South Bronx. Rina holds a Bachelor of Arts in Global Liberal Studies from New York University and a Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Maham Khan

Director of Culture - Kashmir

Maham Khan is passionate about sports, photography, and activism. She enjoys working at this organization to take part in helping serious issues. As the Director of Culture (Kashmir), she tries her utter best to highlight the inhumane acts that are rampant in Kashmir along with the exact facts and figure. From the Kashmir issue, if you would like to bring any other injustice happening anywhere, you know who to contact.

Krisha Sampat

Director of Culture - India

Krisha Sampat is the Director of Culture - India. She is passionate about STEM and Business. In school, she is involved in MUN and DECA and is an avid tennis player. In her free time she loves to spend time outside with friends and family. She finds it important to spread awareness about social injustices in the South Asian community. In the future she hopes to be an Aerospace Engineer and inspire other young girls in STEM.

Lakhsmi Chatterjee


Meet our Publicist, Lakhsmi Chatterjee. She is 20 years old from Brooklyn, NY and attends Binghamton University where she is a junior majoring in political science and Arabic Studies. An aspiring journalist, she is currently also Arts & Culture Editor for Pipe Dream, Binghamton University’s largest student-run newspaper and has interned with City Limits, a news site covering local issues in New York City. On campus, she is also a Student Manager with the Q-Center, an LGBTQ+ Center, and was Fundraising Chair for the Fencing Club from 2019 to 2020. Through Lost Voices of South Asia, she hopes to help mobilize movements and bring awareness to issues that affect South Asian communities that many might not be aware of. By giving a platform to multiple issues and connecting people to the right information, real change can be made.


Read her work with Pipe Dream at

Ibraheem Khan


Meet our Podcaster! Ibraheem Khan is a rising junior at Vancouver college located British Columbia, Canada.  He spends his time outside of school heavily involved in the Pakistan Canada Association and divulged in a multitude of volunteer work projects. He is also on his schools varsity basketball team, and spends his time dedicated to improving his game. “Growing up immersed in a society in which everyone was either Indian or Pakistani, it gives me a unique insight on the South Asian community as a whole. I see the same toxic ideals perpetuate themselves and i would like to be apart of society without those ideals.”

Niharika Singh

International College Outreach Director

Niharika is from India and she has done my graduation degree in journalism and mass communication and she is extremely passionate about the same. She has worked with several non-government organizations regarding empowerment of women and children. I have done my small scale research project in remote areas of India in Maharashtra regarding farmer suicide and animal-man conflicts.  She has

also professionally worked with ITC India as their Campaign Manager for their CSR project regarding Women Empowerment and Gender Sensitisation including Fundamental Fights and many case studies. She has given 100 plus Public Speaking seminars in 50 Plus colleges all over India. She has done crowd funding campaigns for generating funds as COVID-19 relief for females who are not able to study and no access to basic necessities of menstrual health hygiene. She is currently stretching myself in academics and wants to pursue master's degree in International Relations.